Pizza Friday!

For the past couple years the DeCorleto family…Karen, Michael, Andrew and Lucy Grace…have been giving their friends homemade pizzas in return for a donation to St George. To date they’re responsible for raising almost $10,000 for our parish! They started out serving 3 – 6 pizzas a week and it’s now grown to as many as 30 pizzas a week! The expenses for Pizza Friday have been covered by Michael and Karen and they’ve been thrilled to do it!

Their customer list continues to grow and in addition to that, they now have an opportunity to deliver 10 more pizzas every other week to a local brewery to serve at their trivia night events.

It’s time to recruit a few sponsors for Pizza Friday. Here’s your chance to double your donation the average cost to make a pizza is $5 the average donation is $10…so we’re gonna start by looking for enough donations to cover the 10 Trivia Night pizzas every other week. If another catering opportunity arises we’ll seek sponsors for those as well.

If you live near Marlborough and would like to be on the Pizza Friday email list please let Michael or Karen know…if you have a party coming up and would like to serve some delicious pizzas, please check availability with Michael or Karen.


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Sponsor Pizza Friday!

Sponsor Pizza Friday!